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Euscher – We draw your needs.

At Euscher, you receive all services on the way to the perfect deep-drawn part from a single source – this not only makes us a highly reliable partner for your company, but also secures the entire production process at all levels. In addition, the short distances and many years of experience of our perfectly coordinated team ensure that we not only make the seemingly impossible possible, but are also faster than average in development – without compromising on quality, of course.

Starting with our technical experts, who work with you on site to put your requirements and our technical expertise down on paper in the form of an initial sketch, to our construction department, using the latest technology and software to create realistic simulations and our own in-house toolmaking right through to the prototype, which then proves to you that you are in the right hands with us.

Our dedicated and experienced team of experts focuses from the outset on not only meeting your expectations, but exceeding them. And we are ready to mass-produce your customised deep-drawn part in record time.

Research & Development

Construction & Simulation

Toolmaking & prototyping

Success is no coincidence

Based on your requirements and wishes, we continue to explore the limits of deep drawing. For us, the following applies to almost all project enquiries: Doesn’t work, doesn’t exist. If we don’t already have the right concept in the drawer thanks to our decades of experience, we develop new master plans and consistently ensure that they work out exactly as planned. Sustainable investment in research and development and in our machinery is just as much a matter of course for us as the professional development of our team and the continuous optimisation of our production processes.

We also consistently pursue the goal of CO2-neutral production and continuously invest in climate and environmental protection. We have been using resource-saving wind power and solar energy to generate electricity for a long time. The materials we use can also be recycled without loss and returned to the cycle.

You can also benefit from our international positioning. With our plants in the Czech Republic, the USA and China, we can also cover your “local to local” requirements if required and effectively shorten international transport routes.

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